My movement research questions the current function of dance and movement within the social fabric.  Through the mechanism of diverse artistic collaboration, I aim to experience the profound reciprocity between art and culture. Interested in personal and collective transformation I try to implicitly create containers where participation equates to expansive awareness and interconnections between different art forms, cultures, and topics.

The productions that I make and share tend to have subtle demarcation lines between natural anatomical movements, expressionist dance overtones, and virtuosic athletic movement vocabularies, which highlight my curiosities around the body and its potential to communicate. My inquiry into simplicity, transparency, honesty, repetition, and abstraction creates a dreamy, tranquil, and trance setting ambience. As I continue to question the function of dance performance I am led to identifying and implementing layers of intention that inform the final product.

I am not only interested in the making of the piece itself, but also in the frame in which it will be experienced. Thinking in terms of integrated healing most of my work centers on alternative settings for performance that reflect my values and beliefs. Most recently I have been weaving my work into community events to support environmental literacy and action, and social change.

My choreography serves as a vehicle for educating myself and my collaborators about diverse, relevant topics, and leads to uncovering innovative, supportive ways of sharing the work that serves the health of the immediate culture.

Please enjoy exploring the links to individual pieces. Although I believe that the excerpts and clips provided do not come close to fully representing the power of live performance, at the very least, viewers like you can get an idea of the kind of work that I make and share.


Photo of Whitney Wilson from Neta Pulvermacher’s “2280 pints!” (2011) Captured by Jordan Albright