The Water Dance (2016)

The National Water Dance


The National Water Dance at the MacLeish Field Station April 16th in collaboration with Will Shields. This was a 1 hour and 15 minute performance that featured six, site specific, movement installations across the MacLeish Field Station. The event concluded with a nationwide, simultaneous performance to celebrate water. This event also concluded with a group effort to support our ecosystem by planting an important riparian zone; both audience and performer planted seeds along the edges of a stream to help define its course and to mitigate erosion.

This event was a confluence of ecological, sociological, somatic and interdisciplinary elements, which aimed to heal cultural and environmental conditions.

Choreographers include:
Sofia Engelman, a first year undergraduate student at Smith College.
Kate Seethaler, an MFA student in the Smith College Department of Dance
Kelly Silliman of the tinydance project and alumna of the Smith College MFA program.
Susan Waltner, the chair of the Five College Dance Department
Whitney Wilson a current MFA student in the department of Dance at Smith College.
The choreographers and collaborators organized an informal, community held, fire side talk back after the performances. This event wass a part of the Nation Wide initiative, National Water Dance,  to raise awareness about our use of resources, specifically water and culture, and take action through performance.

This project was dreamed of and organized by Will Shields and Whitney Wilson, but would not be possible without the generous collaborative efforts of the choreographers and performers, Reid Beretone-Johnson of the Smith College- Center for the Environment (CEEDS), Emily Lukasewski and Philippe Elskens who volunteered to video and photograph the event, and the creative team in Miami led by Dale Andree. The whole event was free and open to the public.

Here is a link of “hard rain”, one of the pieces featured in the event. Choreography by Whitney Wilson. Music by Will Shields :