“But he can make no progress with himself unless he becomes very much better acquainted with his own nature”
-C. G. Jung

As the dance field evolves, professional dancers and choreographers find themselves faced with a wide variety of expectations in the rehearsal process and in performance. To prepare myself and my students for entering the dance field with confidence, I have established a practice that encourages anatomical and spatial awareness, presence and decisiveness, versatility in movement quality and skill, individuality, and confidence in the imagination and creative potential. The primary motivation driving my classes is to aid students in uncovering and developing their unique “voice” as performers and choreographers.

In my classes I offer many different methods for identifying and tuning the various elements comprising one’s unique nature or “voice” in movement. For example, through Improvisation, experiential anatomy, somatics, and set phrase work, I may invite students to direct and focus their attention on specific parts of the body, relationships within the body, use of weight, use of effort, sensation, or placement in space. Once students have become more sensitive and aware of the dynamic movement elements within, they begin to make intelligent and informed choices, which decreases the chances of injury and opens up a surplus of options for discovering innovative, creative ways of moving. My technique classes also challenge students with unique vocabularies, dynamic floor work, diverse qualities of physicality, and specific rhythmic timings.

The pedagogical approach that I take in all my classes aims to encourage students to research their unique nature of thinking, moving, imagining, and making so that they can uncover and develop their individual potential as dancers and choreographers. The end result is that the students become intelligent, versatile movers and feel empowered by their work in the dance field.