Will Shields

Whitney believes collaboration is the primary mechanism for highlighting and strengthening the relationship between art and culture. She has collaborated with many musicians, dancers, visual artists, conceptual artists, and set designers. Currently, she is honored to be working alongside and collaborating with her partner Will Shields.


Will Shields is an autodidact Professional Experimental Music Composer  playing more than ten instruments. With a love for all music genres William is currently creating sound scores for performance artists and pushing the boundaries in his personal “folkadelic”singer songwriter style. Interested in the nuances of binaural beats and sound as a transmission for consciousness shifts, William is deeply studying music theory/history and is beginning to remove the chromatic scale/equal temperance fetters and explore the infinite microtonal landscape. Neglecting the time honored axiom “Music and noise are opposites” William thinks of personal sound composition, for dancers and other performers, as an organizational design process aimed at indetermancy (chance music technique) and tries to integrate biophony, geophony and anthropophony sounds with live instruments, some homemade, others a combination of technique and instruments, woven into an ecology of “soundscape guild design”. Simply put, broad parameters are established to improvise with timing, music textures over melody lines, rhythmic patterns, colorful tones and noises all combine differently for the same composition yet similar in overall theme and variation. The best way to notate this type of composition isn’t clear as tradition methods are limiting and unsuccessful. Seismographic representation is currently the best option.


Lastly, William is an independent producer of Eco-Art-festivals and has co-curated festivals such as The Water Dance, SEEDS festival at Earthdance, and Earth Care in Cummington, MA.