Whitney Wilson is a movement researcher, artist, and teacher. She believes in making her work accessible by teaching in a variety of situations and by sharing her process through collaboration and performance. Her performance research serves as a vehicle to explore the potential for individual and group transformation.

Whitney received her BFA from the University of Florida where she studied Dance as well as Arts in Medicine. She served as the Assistant Artistic Director for the University of Florida’s summer dance intensive for three consecutive summers, working alongside Neta Pulvermacher, Tzveta Kassabova, and Tiffany Rhynard.

Currently, Whitney is working towards her MFA in dance at Smith College.

She believes in making her work accessible and has taught movement classes in a variety of situations, for example, the Juvenile Justice Center in Gainesville, Alz place: a day care center for people with Alzheimers, School of the Arts: a performing arts middle and high school in Charleston, Swamp Fest: the University of Florida’s summer dance intensive, the Bodhi Sanga Shala: a school for Thai Massage, just to name a few. Her classes are generally designed to encourage anatomical and creative awareness, as well as empower the individual as they discover their unique voice in movement.

Whitney has presented work in local Art Walks, Museum Nights, festivals for alternative energy and equal rights, a variety of music venues in collaboration with local bands, and in many other traditional performance settings.

Ultimately Whitney is after raising the consciousness of her immediate culture through movement and performance